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Writing Dictation in the First Grade: Cluster Predictability of Mother's Stress in Academic Guidance and Writing Instruction

AUTHOR : 최나야,전은옥,송재명

INFORMATION : page. 223~247 / 2018 Vol.25 No.2


This study was conducted to classify the dictation performance of first grade children depending on the practice and to investigate the effect of mothers' academic guidance stress and writing instruction on clustering. Participants were 181 students in 8 classes of 4 public schools in Seoul and Gyeonggi province, and their mothers also responded to the questionnaire. We conducted correlation analysis, ANOVA, post-hoc test, cluster analysis, and multivariate logistic regression analysis. The main results were as follows. First, There was a moderate correlation between the regular and impromptu test scores. Second, while most children were good at regular dictation, but they showed various performances in the impromptu dictation. And there is a group that require academic intervention. Third, the mothers of children with low dictation scores were more stressed on academic guidance, and instructed their children to practice more. Fourth, mother's academic guidance stress, amount of instruction for dictation, and preschool emergent writing instruction were found to be predictors of practiced-impromptu dictation clusters. In conclusion, writing practice through memorization and repetition does not guarantee actual ability, and children with difficulty in writing should be intervened early. Also, it is desirable to use dictation as a teaching/learning method, not a meaningless evaluation.

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