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Children’s Social Behavioral Gap in Home and Institution Contexts: Predictability of Mothers’ and Fathers’ Parenting Behavior

AUTHOR : 은선민,권소정,이강이

INFORMATION : page. 203~222 / 2018 Vol.25 No.2


This study focused on phenomenon that children’s social behavior may appear differently across contexts, and attempted to categorize the children into groups according to aspects of their behavioral gap at home and institution. The specific aim was to verify the predictability of parental behavior on classification of these groups. Results indicated that there exist four groups of children- 'both competent', 'home-competent, 'institution-competent', and 'both poor’. In comparison with ‘both competent’, the lower the father's affective parenting, the more likely the boys were included in ‘both poor’ type, and the more likely the girls were ‘home-competent’. The higher the father's controlling parenting, the more likely the boys were ‘institution-competent’, but this effect was not significant for girls. The lower the mother's affective and controlling parenting, the more likely the boys and girls both belong to ‘institution-competent' type. This study confirmed that the characteristic of one’s social behavior is not always displayed in a fixed form, but may be demonstrated differently across the contexts of unique attributes, such as home and institution. In addition, parenting behaviors are shown to predict not only the ‘inter-individual’ differences in child’s social behavior, but also the ‘intra-individual’ differences according to contexts.

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