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The Spillover Effects of Paternal Work Stress on the Home: The Difference between Dual-Earner and Single-Earner Families

AUTHOR : 김재희,이희선,김산하

INFORMATION : page. 181~201 / 2018 Vol.25 No.2


The present study aimed to examine the spillover effects from the workplace to families. The association between job security and fathers' parental stress mediated by their work-schedule on weekend and burnout were examined. Also, the difference between dual-earner and single-earner families were examined. A sample of fathers 481(dual-earner = 253) with children from infant through school age participated in the study and all variables were assessed with fathers' self reports. Data were analyzed using SEM(structural equation modeling) and multi-group analysis in Mplus 7.4. Findings indicate that low level of job security indirectly predicted high level of fathers' parental stress through work schedule on weekend or their high level of burnout. However, these indirect paths appeared differently between dual-earner and single-earner families, Specifically, only in single-earner families, job security was associated with fathers' parental stress through work schedule on weekend. The results suggest that the strains due to job security and working on weekend spill to families and can hinder fathers' engagement in families. Also, findings can inform the approach to develop family's structure specific policies to facilitate the work-family interface.

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