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An Analysis of the Factors Affecting Task Satisfaction of Employees in Local Parent Support Centers

AUTHOR : 김은영,권순범,진미정

INFORMATION : page. 163~180 / 2018 Vol.25 No.2


The purpose of this study was to examine task satisfaction and the factors influencing the task satisfaction of employees in local parent support centers. To do this, an online survey was conducted and 124 employees participated in the survey. Of the 124 respondents, 79% were women and 74% were over 40 years old. This survey included questions about the task satisfaction, personal characteristics, center characteristics, and job characteristics. SPSS 18.0 program was used to analyze the research model. As a result, the task satisfaction of employees in district office of education was higher than that of employees in metropolitan and provincial office of education. This result shows that the local parent support centers need to be established at each district office of education. And the evaluation of employees on the perception of parents affected the task satisfaction, which indicates that the local parent support centers should provide services that meet the needs of parents who are service users.

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