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The Effects of Early Childhood Mothers’ Mathematical Attitude and View about Mathematics Learning on their Mathematical Interaction

AUTHOR : 이은지,김지현

INFORMATION : page. 99~113 / 2018 Vol.25 No.2


The purpose of the study is to verify how about the relative influence of early childhood mother's mathematical attitude and view about mathematics learning on their mathematical interaction, and whether their view about mathematics learning mediates the relationship between mathematical attitude and mathematical interaction. For this purpose, a questionnaire survey was conducted on 333 mothers of 3, 4, and 5-year-old children attending childcare centers. We used partial correlations and stepwise multiple regression to test the mediating effect(Baron & Kenny, 1986), and we used the Sobel test to check the significance of the mediating effect. The results showed that mother's mathematical interaction had a significant positive correlation with their view about mathematics learning and mathematical attitude. Mothers' view about mathematics learning had a significant influence on mathematical interaction, but mathematical attitudes had no influence. It is because mothers' view about mathematics learning completely mediated the effect of mathematical attitude on mathematical interaction. It is meaningful to identify simultaneously the variables related to mothers' mathematical interaction and provide basic idea about the development of a parent education program to help students understand specific support methods for developing mathematical ability of young children at home.

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