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Parental Psychological Control and Anxiety among Undergraduate Students: The Role of Basic Psychological Needs Satisfaction

AUTHOR : 이소담,신나나

INFORMATION : page. 79~97 / 2018 Vol.25 No.2


The main purpose of this study was to examine the relations among parental psychological control, basic psychological needs satisfaction and anxiety among undergraduate students. In addition, direct and indirect paths from parental psychological control to anxiety were examined. A total of 282 undergraduate students (142 males, 140 females) responded to questionnaires regarding parental psychological control, basic psychological needs satisfaction, and anxiety. The data were analyzed using correlations and structural equation modeling. First, the results showed significant direct paths from parental psychological control to anxiety. Undergraduate students who perceived higher levels of parental psychological control experienced more anxiety. Second, an indirect path passing through autonomy satisfaction was significant; that is, individuals who perceived higher parental psychological control reported significantly lower satisfaction of autonomy needs, and as a result, experienced more anxiety. Findings from this study suggest that parents continue to play an influential role during undergraduate years and that they need to provide the support necessary to fulfill needs for autonomy. These results could be used in developing an autonomy enhancement program and in providing practical parenting guidelines for parents of undergraduate students.

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