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Daily Happiness of Mothers with Young Children: An Experience Sampling Method Study

AUTHOR : 안수빈,이강이

INFORMATION : page. 35~50 / 2018 Vol.25 No.2


The purpose of this study is to investigate the daily happiness of mothers with infant, especially focused on the three components of happiness: pleasure, meaning and engagement. The data were collected from 76 mothers raising infants aged 6months or under, using Experience Sampling Method(ESM). The methods used for data analyses were descriptive statistics and  verification. The major findings are as follows. First, the mother’s most frequent daily activity was child care. In addition, the activity that induced the highest level of pleasure level was meeting acquaintances; the activity with the highest level of meaning and engagement was walking/exercise. Second, the levels for pleasure, meaning, and engagement were significantly different depending on who they were with. Third, the levels of pleasure and engagement also significantly varied according to the time of day. These results suggest practical ways to promote happiness of mothers’ with very young children.

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