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New Ontological Category and the Understanding of Research for Child-Robot Interaction(CRI)

AUTHOR : 김민경

INFORMATION : page. 1~18 / 2018 Vol.25 No.2


Stemming from recent developments in science and technology, intelligent robots which are the objects in category boundaries have emerged in everyday life. This study delved into the relationship between human and technology; in particular, the child-robot interaction(CRI) study is discussed, the research area focusing on the relationship between children and robots. In order to discuss the effect of robots on the child development, it is necessary to understand children’s perceptions about robots. For this purpose, this study examined previous research literature on child-robot interactions, and the theoretical viewpoints on children’s ontological perceptions about robots as well as factors affecting child’s ontological perceptions. In addition, the study emphasizes the necessity for theoretical and practical discussions about child-robot interactions and suggests new insights into research on human development. The direction for future research on the use of robots is expected to provide the basis for a new perspective on the development of ontological perception in children. In sum, the present study discusses the future direction of CRI research by examining the theoretical and practical issues stemming from child-robot interactions.

Ⅰ. 서 론

Ⅱ. 아동의 로봇에 대한 존재론적 인식

Ⅲ. 아동-로봇 상호작용(Child-Robot Interaction)

Ⅳ. 결 론


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