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The Mediating Effects of Negative Self-Concept and Experiential Avoidance on the Relationship between College Students’ Self-Differentiation and Parental Invalidation of Emotion

AUTHOR : 신문혜,이지연

INFORMATION : page. 95~119 / 2018 Vol.25 No.1


This study aimed to examine the mediating effects of negative self-concept and experiential avoidance on the relationship between perceived parental invalidation of emotion and self-differentiation of college students. For this purpose, the data were collected from 304 college students and were analyzed through SPSS 23.0 and Amos 20.0. The results were as follows: first, higher parental invalidation of emotion was positively associated with higher negative self-concept and experiential avoidance whereas higher parental invalidation of emotion showed negative association with self-differentiation. Second, parental invalidation of emotion had negative direct effect on self-differentiation, and each of negative self-concept and experiential avoidance partially mediated self-differentiation. Third, parental invalidation of emotion presented an effect on self-differentiation through the sequential double mediation of negative self-concept and experiential avoidance. This study empirically found parental invalidation of emotion would affect the degree of college students’ self-differentiation and that it would be necessary to intervene with their self-differentiation. Finally, the implications and limitation of this study along with suggestions for future research were discussed.

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