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Short-term Longitudinal Study about Relationship between Mother's Smart-Phone Addiction Tendency and Mother-Child Interaction

AUTHOR : 김연수,정윤경

INFORMATION : page. 25~42 / 2018 Vol.25 No.1


The purpose of this study is to investigate longitudinal changes of mother-child interaction behavior and the relationship with mother’s smartphone addiction tendency in early childhood. Data of 124 mother-child (63 males, 61 females) from Seoul and Gyeonggi province in South Korea were analyzed through latent growth curve modeling. Mother’s smartphone addiction tendency and mother-child behavior were measured using 3-wave method. In this study, maternal behaviors (responsiveness, negativity, intrusiveness) were observed during the mother-infant free play interaction and were coded with the Caregiver-Child Affect, Responsiveness, and Engagement Scale (C-CARES). The results of the analysis demonstrated that for influence factors, mother’s smartphone addiction tendency was statistically significant. The research findings showed that mothers who had a high level of smartphone addiction tendency also had a steep decrease in their responsiveness, Also, mothers who had a high level of smartphone addiction tendency also had a steep increase in negativeness. This study provides empirical findings that caregiver’s smartphone usages were related with mother-child interaction.

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