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The Effects of Duration of Media Use and Parental Media Mediation on Preschoolers’ Empathy Ability

AUTHOR : 강보람,이강이

INFORMATION : page. 1~29 / 2018 Vol.25 No.1


This study examines the effects of preschoolers’ duration of media use and parental media mediation on preschoolers’ empathy ability. The participants were 123 preschoolers (52 3-year-old children, 71 5-year-old children) and their parents residing in Seoul, South Korea. Each child was presented with four video vignettes of children in emotional scenarios. The children were asked about the protagonists’ emotions while watching the video vignettes. The parents were asked to complete questionnaires to investigate children’s duration of media use and the parents’ degree of media mediation. The data analysis methods included descriptive statistics, two-way analysis of variance(ANOVA), Pearson’s correlations and multiple linear regression. The findings are as follows. Children’s duration of media use had a negative effect on their affective empathy ability and cognitive empathy ability. Parental indirect mediation had a positive effect on children’s cognitive empathy ability. The findings suggest that children’s duration of media use should be restricted to improve children’s empathy ability. Furthermore, the findings are discussed in light of young children’s needs for parental mediation as a setting in a media use environment.

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