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A Study on the Change of Career Maturity According to Individual and Parent Related Factors in Comparison with General High School and Vocational High School through Hierarchial Linear Model

AUTHOR : 김유미,권윤정

INFORMATION : page. 93~111 / 2015 Vol.22 No.2


The purpose of this study was to examine the influence on career maturity of individual and parent related factors in general and vocational high school through a hierarchical linear model. There were 2,883 subjects who participated in the third, fourth, fifth waves of the Korean Youth Panel Survey. Data was analyzed with t-tests and hierarchical linear model using HLM. The findings were as follows. First, the career maturity of high school students increasing over the course of the three-year period in freshman year, was soaring in the high school senior season. This phenomenon seems to reflect the developmental tasks required of a high school senior. Second, though the initial value of the career maturity of general high school students was higher, the rate of change was higher in vocational students. This result suggests that career education is needed to improve vocational high school students’ career maturity. Third, regardless of school, the initial career maturity of students who think well studied was higher. The parent related factor continues to affect career development consistently. This study confirmed that considering the school type, individual factors, and parental factors in the career maturity of high school is significant.

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