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A Study on the Koreans’ Perception of ‘Honesty’ Using Concept Mapping Analysis

AUTHOR : 장희선

INFORMATION : page. 49~73 / 2015 Vol.22 No.2


The purpose of this study was to examine how Koreans conceptualize honesty and whether there are the difference about they think the sub-concept of honesty according to age, gender. Participants consisted of 1,091 people, ranging from primary school students to adults. A free-listing survey was conducted to find out their perceptions of honesty, and the collected qualitative data was analyzed using a ‘Concept Mapping’ methodology. As a result, 5 categories were identified, there was a difference in the weight of honesty perception among different age groups. First, honesty as recognized by Koreans was classified into the five categories of ‘truthfulness’, ‘lawfulness’, ‘faithfulness’, ‘righteousness’, and ‘principledness’. Second, all age groups valued ‘truthfulness’ the most. Third, particularly, the higher the age, the more the subjects tended to emphasize ‘principledness’; the lower the age, the more they tended to stress ‘lawfulness’. Forth, in terms of gender differences, males placed more importance on ‘faithfulness’ while females placed more importance on ‘truthfulness’. This study makes up for the lack of empirical evidence in the existing Korean literature on honesty. It can also lead to a new direction of moral education by providing empirical resources on the analyzed perception of honesty.

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