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A Life History Approach to Work and Leisure Experiences of Elderly Women

AUTHOR : 남순현

INFORMATION : page. 1~27 / 2015 Vol.22 No.2


In general, elderly women are likely to be socially excluded since they are older and at the same time female. This paper attempted to explore the experiences of work and leisure of elderly women who are out of work, in comparison to those of elderly men through the life history perspectives across the lifespan development. Participants in the paper were five elderly women over 65 years old who had work experiences after retirement. The data collected from initial questionnaires and four sessions of in-depth interviews between the fall of 2013 and the winter of 2014 were transcribed verbatim and analyzed by the narrative study of lives approach of Lieblish et al. The work life course of elderly women can be divided by the career decision period, the entry to jobs period, the career consolidating period, the golden or dark days in the working life, the retirement period, and the work in later life period. On the other hand, the lifelong leisure cycles of elderly women can be classified into the longing for leisure period, the family-centered leisure time, the challenge for leisure period, the release from family relationships period, and leisure in later life period. The importance of work and leisure experiences in the development of elderly women across the lifespan in their specific ways of being happy aging was discussed.

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