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The Effects of Interview’s Social Support and Children’s Effortful Control: The Accuracy of Children’s Recollection

AUTHOR : 곽금주,김연수,이승진

INFORMATION : page. 167~193 / 2015 Vol.22 No.1


The purpose of this study was to explore the effects of interviewer’s social support and questioning style on the accuracy of children’s recollection during rapport-building sessions. 128 children aged four to twelve interacted with a researcher and interviewed with another researcher during a science experiment event. Overall, the results suggested that more accurate information in the child’s voluntary responses was associated with open-style rapport-building and interviewer’s social support, regardless of the children’s ages. Interestingly, the accuracy of children’s false memory differed as a function of the characteristics of children’s temperament. Specifically, in a closed rapport-building condition, children evaluated comparatively lower on effortful control dimension than children evaluated as higher on the dimension recalled information with more errors. Ultimately, this study identified a number of significant variables that affect how children report an experience. The findings are especially marked for children with lower effortful control and who are in special need of support and for those with an open style rapport-building where the interviewer’s sincere support might be more important.

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