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The Moderating Effects of Close Social Relationships:Psychological Separation and College Adjustment

AUTHOR : 박정애,진미경

INFORMATION : page. 101~123 / 2015 Vol.22 No.1


The purpose of this study was to test the moderating effects in close social relationships between college students' psychological separation and college adjustment. The subjects were 637 college students from 9 universities in Seoul and Gyeonggi-do. For the purposes of this research, the Korean psychological separation inventory, the Korean student adaptation to college questionnaire and the affective relationships scale were used. The results showed that for both male and female students, the greater the conflictual separation is, the higher the level of college adjustment. Second, male students were better adjusted to college because they were closer and more intimate with their fathers and romantic partners. Female students demonstrated similar results as they were intimate with their mothers. Third, among the influences of functional and emotional separation, moderating effects of the close relationship with parents had a significant effect on the college adjustment of the male students. In other words, male students were found to have a higher level of college adjustment because they maintained a closer and more intimate relationship with their parents even if they had an equal level of functional and emotional separation. These results suggest that a close relationship with parents should be considered in college adjustment.

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