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A Study on Parental Influences and Analysis of Young Children’s Smart-phone Usage

AUTHOR : 김민석,문혁준

INFORMATION : page. 77~99 / 2015 Vol.22 No.1


The purpose of this study was to examine children’s smart-phone usage and parental influences like mother’s smart-phone addiction tendency, mother’s parental intelligence and father’s parenting involvement. 246 mothers with three to five year old children from Incheon participated through convenience sampling. The collected self-report data were analyzed by analysis of variance (ANOVA), Scheff? tests, correlation analyses, and hierarchical regression analyses. The results showed that 40.7% of the children used a smart-phone once or twice a week and 41.9% of the children used a smart-phone 11~30 minutes per day. In most cases, parents determined the rules for children’s smart-phone usage. 38.6% of the mothers let their children use a smart-phone for fun. Second, there were significant differences in children’s smart-phone usage level according to the time spent in kindergarten. Third, children’s smart-phone usage was correlated with all three parental influences. Fourth, mother’s smart-phone addiction tendency and mother’s parental intelligence influenced children’s smart-phone usage. This study provides practical suggestions for children’s smart-phone usage and parent education program.

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