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Relationship Between Napping and Nocturnal Sleep in 4-year-old Children Attending Nursery School or Kindergarten

AUTHOR : 김진욱

INFORMATION : page. 1~20 / 2015 Vol.22 No.1


This study aimed at elucidating the relationship between napping pattern and nocturnal sleep in 4-year-old children attending nursery school or kindergarten. The data on sleeping pattern of children, collected by the Korean Children and Youth Panel Survey 2012 from 969 4-year-old children (632 nursery school children, 337 kindergarteners), were analyzed. The main findings of this study were as follows. The longer the nap durations in 4-year-old children were, the later they went to bed, the less they slept at night, and the more the total sleep they had. Nursery school children napped more than kindergartners. As a result of their long afternoon nap routine, nursery school children went to bed later at night and had shorter nocturnal sleep compared to kindergartners. However, the total sleep duration of nursery school children was longer than that of kindergartners. These results provide foundation for finding ways to make young children’s nocturnal sleep and their nap time in daycare work well together, and for establishing unified policies on children’s nap routine in early education centers after the unification of nursery schools and kindergartens.

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