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A Case Study on Female Undergraduate Students Victimized by Bullying during Adolescence

AUTHOR : 최지영,박지현,남순애

INFORMATION : page. 135~160 / 2017 Vol.24 No.4


The purpose of this study was to delve into the impact of being victimized by bullying during college years and the common changes found, if any, in the characteristics of the victims. For this research, 10 female undergraduate students were selected as research participants and in-depth interviews were conducted. The results of the interviews were analyzed by constant comparison method; 32 concepts, 15 subcategories, and 5 categories were derived. The five categories were the following: ‘factors that triggered the bullying’, ‘type of bullying’, ‘psychological pain caused by victimization’, ‘overcoming the pain through strength and support’, ‘the impact of victimization on college adjustment’. Looking at the contents by category, first, bullying was often triggered by the passive or exclusive character of the victim, or in the midst of a difficult transition to a new school or as the result of a change in the family environment. Second, types of bullying acts included physical, verbal, and relational bullying. Third, while being victimized, the undergraduates reported low self-esteem and uncomfortable feelings. At the same time, they also showed passive and negative coping behaviors. Fourth, throughout the experience of victimization, they reported finding strength in dreaming about a better future and building self-esteem through various means. They were able to endure this difficult time through exercise, reading, writing and use of their imagination. A solid support base of family, friends and teachers was also a source of strength for many of them. Fifth, their experience with victimization had both positive and negative impacts on campus life. In other words, while they still experience the difficulty with interpersonal relationship, at the same time they can ask for help from others when it is needed and more positive self assertion is possible. Based on the results of the study, counseling and educational resources for preventing adolescent bullying are suggested.

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