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Validation of the Reading Motivation Scale for University Students

AUTHOR : 이채리,김연하,Xu Jiayu,김수연

INFORMATION : page. 265~278 / 2017 Vol.24 No.3


This study aimed to propose a reading motivation scale for Korean university students based on Adults' Reading Motivation Scale of Schutte and Malouff(2007). A total of 212 university students including 84 males and 128 females were surveyed online. Factors and items were reconstructed by exploratory factor analysis; validity and reliability of the scale were verified through Cronbach’s α and correlation analysis. In the process of exploratory analysis, 3 items from the original scale were excluded because of low factor loadings, and the 18 item were categorized into four dimensions. The four factors that emerged from the process were named ‘reading as part of life’, ‘reading to acquire information’, ‘reading for recognition’, and ‘reading for intellectual challenge’. The reliabilities of the new scale for Korean university students were sound. The reliability of 18 item was .872, and the reliabilities of four factors ranged from .633 to .860. The total scores and sub-factor scores of the new scale had positive associations with reading time per day of the participants. Furthermore, reading motivation scores assessed with the new scale were significantly correlated with scores measured by existing reading motivation items. These results indicate that the newly proposed 18 item scale with four dimensions is a sound instrument for measuring reading motivation of university students in Korea. This instrument can be utilized for diverse studies and programs related to reading by Korean university students.

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