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A Longitudinal Relation between Infant Temperament and Toddler Behavior Problems: The Moderating Effects of Maternal Behaviors

AUTHOR : 이효진,곽금주,김연수

INFORMATION : page. 219~241 / 2017 Vol.24 No.3


The moderating effects of maternal behaviors on the association between fine-grained infant temperament and toddler behavior problems were examined in a sample of 83 Korean infants(35 males, 39 females). Infant temperament was measured by maternal reports, and maternal behaviors were observed and recorded when infants were 12 months old. Toddler behavior problems were assessed by maternal reports at 18 months. For the analysis, the hierarchical regression was conducted. Results showed that maternal responsiveness exacerbated effects of infant activity level on toddler externalizing problems, but strengthened protecting effects of soothability on externalizing problems, and of low intensity pleasure on internalizing problems. Additionally, maternal responsiveness mitigated effects of infant fear on internalizing problems. When fearful infants experienced more maternal negativity, they scored highest in behavior problems. When infant who scored high in low intensity pleasure had a more negative mother, they exhibited less externalizing problems. Low maternal intrusiveness exacerbated effects of infant distress to limitation and activity level on externalizing problems, while strengthen buffering effects of soothability on internalizing problems. These findings suggest more specific developmental paths of toddler behavior problems in relation to various infant temperament and maternal behaviors during infancy, and can be applied to prevention and interventions.

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