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An Emotion-Based Autoethnography for Pain of Relationship Dissolution

AUTHOR : 여정모,김명찬

INFORMATION : page. 111~131 / 2017 Vol.24 No.3


The purpose of this study is to express and analyze the relational pain and emotional pain suffering in the relationship dissolution. This study focused on helping counselors who faced clients with relational pain and emotional pain to empathize and understand internal pain rather than correcting behavior. This research was conducted through emotion-based autoethnography. For this goal, three data were collected: my own journals, self-reflection journals, and recording conversation with other person. The collected data were analyzed on the basis of emotion and behavior, and then were categorized into three types: ‘Self: in relationship’, ‘Self: in emotion’, and ‘Self: in integration’, and my writing was based on emotion. This study is reported that someone is disconnected in relationships could a strong relational desire, but they could feel pain of loneliness and anxiety by experiencing the failure of repeated relationships. In these cases, they have relational difficulty for fear of rejection; despite their strong desire to make relationship. Therefore, counselors need to search for clients’ positive parts through a safety environment and sympathetic approach and to develop their relational problem solving abilities. this study suggested that counselors would contribute to understanding those who are left alone, suffering from their relationship, and helping them to return to the relationship through counseling.

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