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Characteristics of Early Childhood Teachers as Predictors of Pedagogical Content Knowledge in Mathematics

AUTHOR : 양선영,김지현

INFORMATION : page. 91~109 / 2017 Vol.24 No.3


The purpose of the study was to investigate the effects of teacher variables on mathematics pedagogical content knowledge in terms of educational experience (level of education, previous mathematics education, in-service mathematics education), educational activities (frequency of mathematics activities, curriculum implementation), educational beliefs (teachers’ beliefs in a developmentally appropriate philosophy of practice) and what variables predict teachers’ mathematics pedagogical content knowledge better. For this purpose, 327 early childhood teachers of childcare centers in Seoul and the metropolitan area conducted questionnaire surveys. Pearson’s product moment correlation coefficient and stepwise multiple regression analysis were used for data analysis. As a result, the mathematics pedagogical content knowledge was most influenced by the curriculum implementation, followed by the frequency of mathematics activities, in-service mathematics education, educational beliefs in a developmentally appropriate philosophy of practice, and level of education. The results of this study will explore ways to improve early childhood teachers’ mathematics pedagogical content knowledge and contribute to the development of early childhood teachers’ education programs.

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