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The Mediating Effect of Supervisors’ Servant Leadership on Cynicism and Psychological Empowerment of Teachers in Childcare Centers Using Structural Equation Model

AUTHOR : 백용매,민하영

INFORMATION : page. 75~89 / 2017 Vol.24 No.3


The purpose of this study was to investigate the mediating effect of supervisors’ servant leadership on cynicism and psychological empowerment that teachers experienced working in childcare centers using Structural Equation Model. The subjects were 569 childcare centers teachers. Questionnaires which required self-reporting were used to investigate cynicism, psychological empowerment and supervisors’ servant leadership. Results were obtained using the Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) and they are as follows. First, the childcare center teachers’ cynicism had an influence on the supervisors’ servant leadership. Second, the supervisors’ servant leadership showed an effect on the psychological empowerment of children. Third, the childcare center teachers’ cynicism indirectly influenced the psychological empowerment by the supervisors’ servant leadership. The results of the study suggest promotion of psychological empowerment of childcare center teachers through encouragement of servant leadership in their supervisors.

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