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Longitudinal Effects of Effortful Control on Depression and Aggression in School Age Children: Mediating Effects of Social Skills and Coping Strategies for Stress and Gender Differences

AUTHOR : 김재희,김현경

INFORMATION : page. 37~56 / 2017 Vol.24 No.3


The present study examined the extent to which children's effortful control influenced their depression and aggressive behaviors two years later, focusing on mediating effects of children's social skills and negative stress coping strategies. Additionally, potential gender differences in these mediating paths were examined. A community sample of children 397(213 girls) and their parents participated in the study at fourth grade (Time 1, M = 10.43 years) and was followed at 6th grade(Time 2, M = 12.38 years). Data were analyzed using Structural Equation Modeling(SEM) in Mplus 7.4. Findings indicated that children's effortful control significantly predicted their positive social skills, which in turn led to lower levels of depression and aggressive behaviors two years later. In addition, children's lower levels of effortful control predicted their negative stress coping strategies, which subsequently led to higher levels of depression and aggressive behaviors. It was also found that there were significant gender differences; boys' lower levels of effortful control and higher levels of negative stress coping strategies were directly associated with aggressive behaviors and indirectly associated with depression through social skills deficits. On the other hand, direct effects of effortful control on depression and aggressive behaviors were not significant for girls. Instead, their social skills directly predicted depression and aggressive behaviors. Further, girls' lower levels of effortful control were significantly predictive of aggressive behaviors medicated through high levels of negative stress coping strategies. These findings can inform efforts to develop gender specific prevention and intervention programs to prevent problem behaviors in school age children.

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