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A Study on the Effect of a Cooperative Art Program for the Improvement of the Peer Problem-Solving Ability of Elementary School Lower grades

AUTHOR : 이영희,김지현

INFORMATION : page. 87~112 / 2017 Vol.24 No.2


This study aims to determine whether or not using a cooperative art program has any significant effect on enhancing the peer problem-solving abilities, prosocial behaviors, and emotional abilities of elementary school lower grades. The program was carried out during 17 sessions involving 97 children in four 2ndgrade classes in N elementary School in S City. The tools utilized were the WALLY Problem Solving Test(1997), the Prosocial Behavior Questionnaire(PBQ, 1981), Moon(1996b)’s emotional intelligence rating scale for elementary lower grades. and Kim(1998)’s “Young children’s emotional intelligence rating scale for teachers” rating scale. The effect of the cooperative art program was analyzed by the Analysis of Covariance(ANCOVA). The results showed that the children demonstrated enhanced problem-solving abilities at a level between the mutual thinking reflective of one’s own desires and common-goal oriented thinking. This demonstrates that the program is suitable for approaching hypothetical peer problem situations from a PBL point of view, before an actual peer problem occurs in the elementary school setting. To conclude, the program is useful for enhancing peer problem-solving abilities as it can develop the prosocial behaviors and the emotional abilities of elementary school’s lower grades. This study will provide the basis needed for developing educational programs for current elementary school lower grades.

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