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A Meta-Analysis on the Effect of an NLP Group Counselling Program

AUTHOR : 서명희,최태산

INFORMATION : page. 79~104 / 2017 Vol.24 No.1


The purpose of this study is to investigate the effect of an NLP group counselling program through meta-analysis. Through a systematic literature review, 30 articles that proved the effectiveness of an NLP group counselling program among were selected master’s theses and journals published in Korea from 1994 to 2015, and the effect size of 61 samples was calculated. The results of this study showed that the NLP group counselling program had a medium effect size of .70l. And in the effectiveness factors, this study showed that the self-concept(.834) and the emotional domain (.806) had high effect, the personal relations and the adaptation domain (.590) had moderate effect, and the career domain (.366) had low effect. This study also examined the moderating effects of the NLP group counselling program in order to investigate the cause of heterogeneity in the inter-study effects of the NLP program on group counselling. The results show that ‘the counselling psychology’ was .897 for the research area, ‘female’ was 1.238 for the gender, ‘random allocation’ was .872 for the group allocation, ‘less than 10 participants’ was .999 for the number of participants, ‘4-8 sessions’ was 1.012 for the number of sessions, and ‘61-90 min’ had the highest effect size of 1.807 for the operating time. Based on these findings, the implications and the limitations of this study are discussed.

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