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A Qualitative Research on Psycho-social Adaptation of Childhood Cancer Survivors: Focusing on the Report of Childhood Cancer Survivors

AUTHOR : 김주영,주은선

INFORMATION : page. 55~77 / 2017 Vol.24 No.1


The purpose of this study was to provide basic information for the development of a program which can provide a comprehensive response plan reflecting the characteristics of childhood cancer patients by exploring the difficulties reported by the childhood cancer survivors. For this purpose, the qualitative analysis of their experiences was conducted based on the collected data through focus group interviews. As a result, three themes, nine categories, and 32 subcategories were derived for each category. The first theme was named as the “traumatic experience” and categories named as “physical,” “psychological,” and “relational” were drawn. The second theme was named as the “developmental delay,” and categories named as “lack of sociality,” “self - identity confusion,” and “emotional immaturity” were retrieved. The third theme was named as the “growth and developmental task,” and categories named as “recognition of the need for self-growth,” “a supportive psychological environment,” and “proactive response to the future” were drawn. Based on the results, suggestions for the post-traumatic growth and development of the childhood cancer survivors were provided.

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