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Development and Validation of the Scale on Young Children’s Preferences for Literacy Activities

AUTHOR : 최나야

INFORMATION : page. 1~23 / 2017 Vol.24 No.1


This study was conducted to develop and validate the preference scale for young children’s literacy activities. A total of 1,035(536 boys and 499 girls) preschoolers and 154 teachers from 33 institutes in 9 regions participated. Multiple methods were used such as confirmatory factor analysis, comparison with a similar scale, test-retest, and analysis for internal consistency reliability and item quality/discrimination. According to the results, the scale showed appropriate validity, reliability, and item quality. The scale consisted of 19 items of 2 factors, i.e. emergent literacy activities and conventional literacy activities. The teachers reported no differences between the classes for 4-year-olds and those for 5-year-olds in the frequency and importance of literacy activities., but their perceptions on children’s preferences did not reflect the reality. Emergent literacy activities were preferred over conventional literacy activities. Older children reported a stronger preference for literacy activities, and girls preferred conventional literacy activities more than boys. Finally, children enrolled at daycare centers generally showed a stronger preference for literacy activities than kindergarteners. Teachers and parents may help young children by personalizing literacy activities and the environment using this reliable scale.

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