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An Exploration of Family and School-Related Variables Affecting the Peer-Relation Problems of Domestically Adopted Children in Korea

AUTHOR : 최운선,안재진,변미희,권지성

INFORMATION : page. 181~196 / 2016 Vol.23 No.4


The aim of this study was to understand the level of peer-relation problems of Korean adopted children and simultaneously to analyze the differences in personal characteristics and to explore the family and school-related variables affecting their problems. To achieve this aim, fifth-wave data from the Panel Study on Korean Adopted Children were used, and 108 school children above the fourth grade of elementary school were selected for analysis. According to the results, the level of peer-relation problems experienced by Korean adopted children appeared to be lower than a control group. The level of peer-relation was negatively associated with support from family and friends as well as their level of school satisfaction. The exploration of family and school-related variables showed that social support had negative effects on such problems only when accounting for family variables, explaining 8.3% of the variance. By adding school variables, the explanatory power of the model was increased to 21.6%; support from friends and school satisfaction negatively affected their peer-relation problems, while family variables were found to be insignificant. Based on the results of the study, suggestions are made to help with the building of sound peer relationship and for the healthier development of these students. The limitations of the study and the need for further research in this area are also discussed.

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