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A Structural Analysis of Parenting Stress, Parenting Behavior and Preschoolers’ Negative Peer Interaction: Focusing on Actor and Partner Effect

AUTHOR : 노보람,은선민,이강이,김은영

INFORMATION : page. 155~179 / 2016 Vol.23 No.4


This study examines the mutual dynamism of mothers’ and fathers’ parenting stress, parenting behavior and their effects on preschoolers’ negative peer interaction. The authors used fourth and fifth year (2011-2012) data from the Panel Study on Korean Children (PSKC), and the participants numbered 885 households. Data were analyzed upon the Actor-Partner Interdependence(APIM) model using the SPSS and AMOS programs. Concerning the association between parenting stress and parenting behavior, a significant negative actor effect between fathers’ parenting stress and fathers’ affective parenting behavior was identified. Mothers’ parenting stress was also negatively associated with their affective and limit-setting behaviors. Moreover, mothers’ parenting stress was negatively associated with the fathers’ affective behavior, indicating a significant partner effect. Mothers’ and fathers’ parenting stress were negatively associated with the fathers’ affective behavior, both of which were found to be negatively associated with negative peer interaction. This study is significant for acknowledging mother and father as one dyad, and for considering parents’ interdependent effects on their child’s social outcomes.

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