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The Effect of Parental School Involvement on Children's School Adjustment: The Mediating Role of Parental Efficacy

AUTHOR : 김세리,이수현,구예진,이강이

INFORMATION : page. 139~154 / 2016 Vol.23 No.4


This study was aimed to examine the effects of parental school involvement (parent’s educational contribution, parent-school communication) on their children’s school adjustment and the mediating role of parental efficacy. We utilized data from a study on the actual conditions of parental school involvement and children education as conducted by a center for family-school partnership policy research at Seoul National University in 2015. Participants were 1,500 parents (89.2% mothers) whose children attend to elementary, middle, and high school nationwide. Using the SPSS 20.0 package, descriptive and correlation analyses were conducted. Then we verified the hypothesized research model using structural equation modelling in AMOS 20.0. Parameters and path coefficients were estimated. The results of this study demonstrated the direct effect of the parent’s educational contribution and parent-school communications on parental efficacy and their children's school adjustment. Moreover, parental efficacy was found to mediate the effect of parent’s educational contributions and the level of parent-school communication satisfaction on the adjustment to school by their children. The findings of this study can contribute to policymaking efforts which aim to encourage greater parental school involvement.

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