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First Grade Elementary School Children’s Early Childhood Private Education Experience and Later School Adjustment

AUTHOR : 윤소정,김진욱

INFORMATION : page. 55~79 / 2016 Vol.23 No.4


This study examined early childhood private education experience of first grade elementary school students using the Korean Children & Youth Panel Survey by the National Youth Policy Institute and explored the differences of early childhood private education (Korean, English, mathematics) experiences (experience yes or no, beginning age, education method, the number of subjects, weekly education hour) in later school adjustment. The participants were 2,342 first grade elementary school students who had taken part in the 1st Korean Children & Youth Panel Survey, 2010. The data was analyzed by cross tabulation analyses, t-tests, one-way ANOVAs, and analyses of covariance. The results showed that there was a difference only in the weekly education hour among the early childhood private education experiences from later school adjustment. Specifically in the sub-elements of school adjustment, school rule, peer relationship, and teacher relationship which were not related with academic achievement showed differences. However, learning activities did not show a difference. These results suggested that early childhood private education could partially help children to adjust well at the elementary school level. It is also necessary to change the caregivers' belief and expectations, in that early childhood private education experiences enable them to achieve positive results in academic activities and to aid their school adjustment.

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