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Experiences of Pre-Service Teacher’s Self-Directed Learning Coaching

AUTHOR : 최유선,박소리,손은령

INFORMATION : page. 243~259 / 2016 Vol.23 No.3


In this study, we determine what pre-service teachers experienced through self-directed learning coaching. We selected fifteen people who had self-directed learning coaching experience, conducted a semi-structured interview, and analyzed with consensual qualitative research (CQR). core concepts, eleven domains, and forty-six categories were derived, and the results are as follows. First, the coaches’ experiences were divided by four domains: motive of program participation, meaning recognition of self-directed learning, pre and post change of coaching, and outcomes of coaching. Second, Experiences of program composition were divided by four domains: program planning, program managing, and the difficulties of program management, expectations and corrections for the next programs. Third, the relationships with coaching parties were divided by three parties-supervisors, peer coaches, and middle school students. Through these results, we found that coaching experiences were very important tools for practicing teaching and times for self-reflection about teaching. In addition, there were other gains such as changes of coaches’ learning attitudes, increase of understanding about career guidance, and the experiences of various relationships. Further implications and discussions are suggested.

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