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Discriminant Analysis of Abuse and Suicidal Ideation Groups among Adolescents

AUTHOR : 한세영,이사라

INFORMATION : page. 203~219 / 2016 Vol.23 No.3


The purpose of this study is to find discriminant factors for abuse and suicidal ideations groups among adolescents. For the purpose, emotional problems including aggression, attention, physical problem, social withdrawn, self- related variables including community spirit, self resilience, and well-being, and school adjustment variables including learning activities, school rule, peer relationships, teacher relationships have been examined their contribution to discriminate the 4 groups of abuse and suicidal ideations. Korean Child Youth Panel Survey data of 4th wave were used to analyzed 2108 of 2nd graders in high school. The results are as follows; first, no suicidal ideation group with abuse history appeared being most far away from suicidal ideation group with no abuse history which turned out to be the most vulnerable group. Second, the most strong predictors were turned out to be emotional problems including physical problem, attention problem, well-being, learning activities, and social withdrawn. Implications from the difference among abuse and suicidal ideation groups are discussed.

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