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A Validation Study on the Flow Experience Scale Measuring Personal Inclinations of South Korea's University Students

AUTHOR : 장인희,김리진

INFORMATION : page. 189~202 / 2016 Vol.23 No.3


The purpose of this study was to validate the South Korean flow experience scale measuring personal inclinations of university students that were developed by Ishimura in Japan. The participants were 269 university students in Seoul and Chonbuk, South Korea. The collected data was analyzed by exploratory factor analyses, confirmatory factor analyses, and reliability analyses. The results are as follows. First, five factors(satisfaction, trance, improvement, control ability, unity) and twenty-seven items were extracted after conducting an exploratory factor analysis on thirty-two items of five factors of the scale model developed by Ishimura. Second, the five factors model of exploratory factor analysis was more appropriate than the Ishimura's five factors model of flow experience scale measuring personal inclinations after conducting confirmatory factor analysis. Third, the result of flow tendencies in everyday life was that university students experiened a normal level in general. For example, while South Korean university students had high level of satisfaction and unity, they had few enjoyment of trance. The scale that developed in this study is meaningful and appropriate to South Korean culture and the point of flow experience scale of measuring personal inclinations. In the future, flow experience measuring personal inclinations of university students will be used not only to understand the experience and psychological state of adolescence and adulthood but also to develop new programs about flow.

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