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The Development and Validation of Scale to Measure the Mathematical Attitude of Young Children’s Parents

AUTHOR : 이혜정,김지현

INFORMATION : page. 173~187 / 2016 Vol.23 No.3


This study aimed to develop and validate a scale that could be used to evaluate the mathematical attitude of parents and their young children. The subjects were 387 parents of four to six-year-old children. Means, standard deviation, x2, Cramer’s V, exploratory factor analysis, confirmatory factor analysis, Pearson correlations, and Cronbach’s α were calculated. First, twenty items were developed through a review of relevant research, confirmation of item adequacy and content validity. These items were then edited down to a final list of twelve items representing three factors identified by exploratory factor analysis. Second, for the twelve items, a three-factor scale was shown to have adequate construct validity, and reliability by confirmatory factor analysis, Pearson correlation analysis, and Cronbach’s α. The final mathematical attitude scale for young children’s parents was composed of twelve items with three factors: fear of mathematics, self-appraisal of mathematics, and pleasure of mathematics. In conclusion, this scale proved to be a valid and reliable scale to measure the mathematical attitude of the young children’s parents. The results of this study can provide meaningful implications in promoting various relevant research dealing with young children’s mathematical ability and constructing the contents of parent education programs.

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