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Effects of Affection, Monitoring and Inconsistent Parenting on the Emotional Problems of Children and Adolescents

AUTHOR : 이은경,한세영

INFORMATION : page. 153~172 / 2016 Vol.23 No.3


The purpose of this study was to examine the main and interaction effects of parenting behaviors on emotional problems among children and adolescents. Korean Child Youth Panel Survey data of 4th wave were used to analyze 2,119 of 4th graders in elementary school and 2,108 of 1st graders in high school. The results were as follows; Some significant interaction effects were found. When children perceived higher affection and monitoring from parents, then they show higher aggression and physical problems. Adolescents, in contrast, who perceived higher affection and monitoring from their parents, their emotional problems appeared in lower level. Interestingly, when adolescents perceived that higher inconsistent parenting and monitoring at the same time, then their emotional problems are also turned out to be higher. Implications from the findings of interaction effects were discussed.

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