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The Relationship between Perceiving a Calling and Life Satisfaction: The Mediating Effects of Core Self-Evaluation, Work Volition, and Work Hope

AUTHOR : 안진아,이지연

INFORMATION : page. 133~152 / 2016 Vol.23 No.3


The current study was aimed to understand how a sense of calling relates to life satisfaction. The study examined the mediation effects of core self-evaluation, work volition, and work hope on the calling-life satisfaction link. The data were collected from 210 South Korean undergraduate students (115 females, 95 males). A structural equation model was tested by hypothesizing that core self-evaluation, work volition, and work hope would mediate the calling-life satisfaction link. Results suggested that perceiving a calling was positively correlated with core self-evaluation, work volition, and work hope. Additionally, only work volition significantly mediated the link of a sense of calling to life satisfaction. The results indicated that having a calling indirectly relates to greater life satisfaction through increased levels of work volition among South Korean college students. The strength and significance of the indirect effect were supported by bootstrapping techniques. Implications for future research and clinical practice are discussed.

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