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The Effect of the Group Program for Improving Self-esteem of Children Exposed to Family Violence on Self-esteem, and the Internalization and Externalization Problem

AUTHOR : 박지현,최지영

INFORMATION : page. 91~112 / 2016 Vol.23 No.3


The purpose of this study was to develop a group program for improving self-esteem and alleviating internalization and externalization problems of children exposed to family violence, and to verify the effectiveness of this program. In the documentary study, self-esteem was confirmed a very important psychological trait. The program developed by Hye Won Yang(2002) was revised and supplemented, which is the programs of DAP(Domestic Abuse Project of Minneapolis) and CAS(Children’s Aid Society of London and Middlesex) and the combined intervention program of Alessi and Hearn under the basic frame of self-growth group counseling and traumatic approach of a group psychological treatment program. The subjects of research consisted of a total of 14 elementary schoolchildren living at the women’s shelter. Seven elementary schoolchildren(3 males, 4 females) were arranged into the experimental group and 7 elementary schoolchildren(3 males, 4 females) were organized into a control group. The program was conducted with pre-post control group design, and the collected data were analyzed with a Mann-Whitney U test. As a result, the experimental group showed a significant change in self-esteem, and the internalization and externalization problems. In contrast, the control group did not show statistically significant changes when it came to self-esteem, and the internalization and externalization problems. As for qualitative analysis of individual cases, there were analyzed through a combination of assessment records for session that participants made, and through post-study questionnaires completed by the mothers of the children and assessment records of researchers and assistants. This study is significant in that it provided information about the core factors of a self-esteem improvement group program for children exposed to family violence.

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