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The Effect of Family Health on the Depression of University Students: Mediating Psychological Independence and Self-Efficacy

AUTHOR : 강부자,최연실

INFORMATION : page. 71~90 / 2016 Vol.23 No.3


This study examined the effects of family health on the depression of university students and the mediated effect of self-efficacy and psychological independence. Data from a sample of 181 students (81 males, 100 females) were collected and analyzed. Structural equation modeling (i.e., AMOS) and the Sobel test was used. The following are the major findings. First, family health and the student’s depression level had an inverse correlation. Second, self-efficacy and family health had a positive correlation. Third, family health and psychological independence had a positive correlation. Fourth, perception of the family’s health affected the student’s depression both directly and indirectly through self-efficacy and psychological independence. Students who perceived their families to be healthy had more self-confidence and self-control, meaning high self-efficacy. Those students also showed higher psychological independence, making them more prone to seek independence from parents and other adults. These two factors had a mediated effect on lowering the depression of the students. The results can be used to prevent depression of university students and develop programs to intervene in mental health problems associated with the absence of independence and self-efficacy.

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