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The Effects of Moral Judgment, Emotion, and Emotional Attribution of Lower Grades in Elementary School on Externalized Behaviors in a Moral Transgression Context

AUTHOR : 장희선

INFORMATION : page. 49~69 / 2016 Vol.23 No.3


The purpose of this study was to examine how moral judgment and emotional attribution effect externalized behaviors of lower grades in elementary school in moral transgression context. The subjects were ninety-one elementary students in the second grades. We measured moral reasoning; we evaluated the results; on emotional attribution and externalized behaviors. After that, we conducted paired t-tests, correlation analyses and multiple regression analyses among the factors. The results are as follows. There was a difference of degree of moral judgment with a transgression context. Second, moral judgment, moral judgment attribution, emotional judgment and emotional judgment attribution had negative correlations with externalized behavior. Third, when transgression behavior was conducted by the student rather than others, they attribute with moral reason and had a negative effect. However, attributing with pleasure had a positive effect on transgression behavior. We expect that these findings could provide implications for moral education when considering moral judgment and emotional attribution of elementary school students.

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