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An Exploration of the Effects of Executive Function on Children’s Recognition Memory and Source Memory

AUTHOR : 이승진

INFORMATION : page. 29~47 / 2016 Vol.23 No.3


The present study seeks to examine children's age-dependent memory ability by evaluating recognition memory and source memory. Furthermore, this study also attempts to identify the role of executive function in the formation of early episodic memory in children. Four- to six-year-old children were presented with a variety of factual information from different sources (e.g., experimenter or doll). Then, we evaluated the children's recognition memory (the facts they learned) and source memory (the path through which they learned the information). Executive function was evaluated using the well known working memory, inhibitory control, and set shifting tasks. The findings indicated that children showed relatively better recognition memory and source memory with increasing age. Moreover, there was a significant correlation between executive functions and children's source memory even when children's age and receptive language ability was controlled. Based on these findings, we discussed the relationship between the formation of early episodic memory in children and executive function as well as the need for follow up studies.

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