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The Relationship between Marital Satisfaction and Early Maladaptive Schema, Stress, Avoidance Coping, Emotional Regulation and Responsibility Attribution

AUTHOR : 길영란,박미란,이지연

INFORMATION : page. 105~129 / 2016 Vol.23 No.2


This study examined the mediating effects of stress, avoidance coping, emotional regulation and responsibility attribution on the relationship between early (childhood) maladaptive schema and marital satisfaction. Two competing structural models were employed to analyze the data collected from 669 married couples. The first model hypothesized that stress in daily life reactivated early maladaptive schema. On the other hand, the second model assumed that the former and the latter affected each other. Both of the models considered the early maladaptive schema effect on marital satisfaction directly and indirectly. This research indicated that early maladaptive schema and stress in daily life affected each other. However, they had more indirect than direct impacts on three key factors of marital satisfaction, most significantly avoidance coping, followed by emotional regulation and responsibility attribution. The path coefficients between early maladaptive schema and emotional regulation affected the female participant group more strongly than its male counterpart. Limitations of this study and, implications for counseling and future research were discussed.

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