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Effects of Sociodemographic Variables, Parenting Behavior, Parents’ Educational Support Activities and Helpfulness of Support Activities on the Academic Achievement of Adolescents

AUTHOR : 전은다,윤기봉

INFORMATION : page. 85~104 / 2016 Vol.23 No.2


This study sought to determine the variables that predict academic achievement in adolescents. Three levels of academic achievement in adolescents were posited: high, medium, and low. It was found that family environment, parenting behaviors (e.g. affection, autonomy, and intrusiveness), and adolescent’s perception of parents’ educational support activities and helpfulness of the support activities were the independent variables that influenced academic achievement among these individuals. With the help of 629 middle and high school students, data were analyzed through chi-square tests, one-way ANOVAs, the Scheffe post hoc tests, and multinomial logistic regressions. The main findings of this study were as follows: family economic status predicted the level of academic achievement of adolescents. Moreover, mothers’ affectionate behaviors were linked to a greater possibility of an adolescent showing a middle level of academic achievement. On the other hand, autonomous parenting was linked to a less possibility of an adolescent showing a higher level of academic achievement. Lastly, adolescents who perceived their parents’ educational support activities as helpful showed higher levels of academic achievement. In light of the results of this study, parents can apply this information as a basis with which to understand that the key solution is to approach each adolescent with a differentiated teaching method that fits that adolescent well.

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