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Differences in Career Decision Profile and Mindfulness with regard to Vocational Identity Status Assessment

AUTHOR : 심희준,이상희

INFORMATION : page. 63~83 / 2016 Vol.23 No.2


This research was performed to identify the six statuses of Vocational Identity Status Assessment(VISA) model, and to investigate the relationship among the vocational identity statuses, Career Decision Profile (CDP) and mindfulness. A total of 307 Korean college students participated in this study. The results were as follows. First, vocational identity statuses could be divided into six types based on VISA. The features of each vocational identity status were nearly identical to those in the results of Porfeli et al(2011). Second, the career-decision/emotional statuses of college students could be divided into four types based on CDP. Third, there were significant differences in the frequencies between vocational identity statuses and career-decision/emotional statuses. Fourth, the results of CDP were significantly related to vocational identity statuses. In addition, mindfulness was found to be related to their vocational identity status. Individuals with the searching moratorium status had the highest scores for mindfulness. This study confirmed the differential characteristics of vocational identity statuses and provided helpful tips for designing the effective strategies of career counseling.

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