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Exploration of an ADHD Tendency Group among College Students and a Correlation between ADHD Tendency and Playfulness

AUTHOR : 조미정

INFORMATION : page. 41~61 / 2016 Vol.23 No.2


The purpose of this study was to explore an ADHD tendency group among college students and to identify any correlation between 400 college student’s ADHD tendencies and their levels of playfulness. The survey utilized the short version of Comprehensive Behavior Rating Scales and the Adult Playfulness Scale. First, the lower factors of ADHD which implied a significant impact on manifested joy and imagination, sub-variables of playfulness, were carelessness, memory problem, hyperactivity, restlessness, and self-concept problems. The variables that affected spontaneity were hyperactivity, restlessness, impulsiveness, emotional instability and self-concept problems. Secondly, in the classification of ADHD tendencies into groups, the following groups were found: a group with a possibility of slight hyperactivity and an impulsive tendency, a group with a possibility to display a tendency toward ADHD in general, a potential group revealing relatively mild hyperactivity and restlessness, a group with the possibility to experience problems related to carelessness, remembrance, and self-conception, and a group that showed almost no sign of an ADHD tendency. Finally, the group without an ADHD tendency scored highly on manifest joy, imagination and ingenuity while the group with possibility of slight hyperactivity and an impulsive tendency as well as the group with the possibility of a tendency toward ADHD in general both exhibited the highest spontaneity levels. The result of this study will contribute to the development of group counseling program for university students with a tendency toward ADHD.

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