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The Relation between Temperament and Theory of Mind: A Short-Term Longitudinal Exploration

AUTHOR : 김연수,곽금주

INFORMATION : page. 21~35 / 2016 Vol.23 No.1


The current study investigated the cross-sectional and short-term longitudinal relations between temperament (shyness, perceptual sensitivity, anger/frustration, fear) and theory of mind in 66 children (29 male, 37 female). The temperament was measured by Early Childhood Behavior Questionnaire and Child Behavior Questionnaire at 12 and 50 months. The children’s ability to understand other person’s mind was measured using Theory of Mind scale devised by Liu and Wellman(2004), The shyness and anger/frustration in infancy and preschool period displayed significant correlations with ToM in early childhood. Our results revealed that shy and aggressive temperament at 18 and 50 months were related to their later theory of mind. Findings indicated that temperament was related to ToM and that this relation was not unique to false-belief understanding.

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