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The Effects of Private Speech on Emotional Regulation in Three- and Five-Year-Old Children

AUTHOR : 김민경,이순형

INFORMATION : page. 47~65 / 2015 Vol.22 No.4


The purpose of this study was to investigate the relationship between children's private speech and emotional regulation. The subjects were 21 three-year-old children and 20 five-year-old children in Seoul and Kyung-gi areas. They were assigned to two different conditions (encouraging and discouraging private speech) and asked to perform a disappointing situation task. The children were videotaped individually during each task. There was a significant difference on the emotional regulation according to age and the encouragement or discouragement of private speech. Five-year-old children showed more positive emotional expression especially in the encouraging private speech condition. Although there was no correlation between the frequency of private speech and emotional regulation, there was a positive relationship between external manifestations of inner speech and positive emotional expression. The results supported Vygotsky’s perspective that regarded private speech as an intermediate stage in the transition from external social communication to internal self-direction. Moreover, the results indicated that private speech could be an instrument not only for the purpose of guiding cognitive performance but also for regulating one’s emotions. This information can be used to develop interventions aimed at encouraging children’s private speech as a strategy of self-regulation.

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