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A Literature Review of the Effects of Culture in Parents’ Child-Rearing Behaviors in Divergent Cultural Contexts

AUTHOR : 김수정

INFORMATION : page. 1~19 / 2015 Vol.22 No.4


In this literature review, I reviewed the theoretical approaches that attempt to examine how parenting behaviors relate to shared cultural beliefs or individual parents’ cultural models in diverse cultural contexts. The proposed categorization of the theoretical frameworks was as follows: the dichotomized framework (individualism versus collectivism); the coexistence of individualism and collectivism; the indigenous cultural beliefs systems; and the eco-cultural framework. The examination of these four theoretical frameworks made it possible to propose some pathways to better understand the relationship between culture and parenting in diverse cultural contexts. First, the dichotomized parents’ cultural models were suggested not to be applied any more. Second, the necessity of considering the role of structural factors in examining the cultural process of parenting was suggested, in order to find the variability in parents’ cultural models and their parenting behaviors within a particular cultural context. Last, the necessity of considering the role of individual parents was proposed. These results would help researchers understand how individual parents construct their own cultural models and parenting behaviors.

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